Thursday, September 26, 2019

Strategic Management Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Strategic Management - Personal Statement Example In fulfilling my career goal of establishing and managing my own chain of Korean restaurant with the hope of eventually going global in profitable foreign markets, I recognize the importance of fully understanding the process of creating a strategy and implementing that strategy in a day to day basis. In line with what has been discussed in this course, I will be following the specific process in strategic management: development of a strategic vision; setting of objectives; establishment of the strategy to achieve the objectives and vision; implementation and execution of the strategy; and monitoring of developments, evaluation of performance, and making adjustments. I also believe that strategic management is also largely dependent on the company's ability to strategically respond to the challenges and opportunities in its external environment by continuously ensuring the alignment of its resources in carrying out its strategies and ensuring the effectiveness of its chosen strategy and modifying it if situation requires. Like a business organization, I believe that individuals should also take a strategic approach in managing goals and objectives. ... jective is to equip myself with the necessary knowledge and skills academically, be able to secure a start-up position in an international restaurant chain, and move up the organizational ladder while acquiring the strengths and competencies needed in my prospective post. In order to achieve this, I will be building my capability and emphasize my unique skills in order to differentiate myself from my colleagues. This will ensure that I will be getting the entry position in the international restaurant. In order to implement this strategy, I will start as early as now to identify the skills and characteristics that employers require, acquire and develop these skills, and highlight this during the recruitment process. 2. As a CEO you are going with a start-up company who wants to eventually go public. What is your analysis for figuring out what strategy you want to choose What strategy do you finally choose and what steps will you have to take to implement You first need to choose your industry (hospitality)segment. You need to give the reader a scenario that would establish some background for your company. This can be fiction or you can take segments from a real company. A start-up business which eventually hopes to go public will need to survive daunting challenges along the way. The primary concern of this firm will be the identification of opportunities which are not currently taken advantage in the market, establishing a good name in the industry, battling with the established competitors, and the creation and execution of a growth strategy. Deriving its name from the most popular Korean food, Kimchi Restaurant commences its operation last January 2006. Being a start-up Korean chain, it sets up three stores in three key locations including Seoul, Pusan, and

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