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Baroque and Rococo styles Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Baroque and Rococo styles - Essay Example It is important to identify the differences between Baroque and Rococo art styles. The most outstanding difference between them is that Baroque art as an inspiration to architecture existed before the Rococo period. Baroque art dates back to, and stretches across the 17th and part of the 18th century. On its part, Rococo art influenced architecture for part of the 18th century before it faded. By definition, Baroque art refers to a bizarre, complex, and extravagant [architectural] ornamentation style or period. On the other hand, Rococo is defined as a style of architectural decoration whose sensitivityemphasized basically on freedom of brushwork, delicacy of color, smallness of scale, and happiness. Overall, Rococo art was portrayed of as paying attention to decorativeness while demonstrating playfulness and lightness. On the contrary, Baroque art depicted a more provocative and heavy-handed sensibility. In evaluating Borromini’s Baroque works as highlighted in Anthony Bluntà ¢â‚¬â„¢s literature titled â€Å"Borromini† and RemySaisselin’s â€Å"The Rococo as a Dream of Happiness†, it is possible to highlight the differences that create a distinction between the two styles’ sensibilities as they influenced architecture in ancient Italy. One key sensibility evident in Borromini’s works of architecture is that rather than rely purely on his own inventions or new designs, he derived inspiration from previous art masters. As Blunt writes, â€Å"Borromini was a conscious innovator, but that, like many other innovators, he relied much".

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