Thursday, September 26, 2019

Promotional marketing portfolio that include examples of promotional Coursework

Promotional marketing portfolio that include examples of promotional activity in your chosen sector - Coursework Example While evaluating the promotion activities of the three brands of chocolate under perspective in this study, it is important to consider their quality, price, market coverage and standard features so that their competitive advantages are in alignment. The information reported ion this portfolio was collected by consulting with a wide range of sources such as magazines where the chocolates are promoted, the social media, billboards, analysis of the market and prices in the stores to identify price variation over a period of time. Discounts are used to promote chocolates by diversifying the prices and products so as to enable them reach as many people as possible. This is done by differentiating brands and prices among milk chocolate bar, crispy white chocolate bar, crispy crunch bars, darkly divine plain chocolate, double milk chocolate and divine mini eggs. Divine chocolate promotes its products through Joint partnership with other companies such as Sainsbury and Christian Aid supporters. Many stores stocked their chocolates after partnership as they were able to make nationwide supplies. The UK market is served by their retail stores and outlets such as Christian Aid, Comic Relief and The Body Shop. This opened a wide coverage for divine chocolate as it offered a new and fairer product than what most people were used to. Promotion of Divine chocolate is done through offering free samples for people to taste them before making their choices. Samples are offered in stores, malls and in the supermarkets where people frequent a lot so as to attract a huge traffic of people. Sampling and tasting is very effective is ensuring increased sales. Divine chocolate provide fair chocolate which is environment friendly compared to other chocolates in the market. These appeal to majority of people who are interested in ethically products and green

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