Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Developing And Conducting A Successful Capital Campaign Essay -- Fund-

Developing And Conducting A Successful Capital Campaign A capital campaign is an effort to raise funds for the capital needs of an organization or institution. This includes acquisition of property or equipment, construction, renovation, endowments, special projects and programs. Capital campaigns are an occasional necessity, from time to time, in the life of an institution especially when it is part of an institution’s master or long-range plan. The efforts of a capital campaign are of major proportions usually taking place over several years. The reason I have undertaken the research of developing and conducting a successful capital campaign is because I have been in environments where capital campaigns were being conducted. As an undergraduate at Cal State Dominguez Hills, I recall the ground breaking of the Loker Student Union, which was in the last phase of its campaign. I also remember when the campus took on the task to raise fund for the Challenger Center; it was considered in the pre-public phase of the campaign. As a professional, I have been fortunate to be part of two capital campaigns, UCLA’s and the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association’s. In 1993 at UCLA, I was an assistant to the Director of Development of the Neurosciences in the School of Medicine. Along with the other campus schools, I was involved in the planning and preparation that occurred before the capital campaign called the pre-public phase. It was a very educational experience that I enjoyed. In 1997/98, as a Manager of the Capital Ca mpaign at the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association, I was involved in efforts during the capital campaign called the public phase. While my experience at the Zoo was also education, I realized that components of the ca... ...le to exceed its goal. BIBLIOGRAPHY Capital Ideas, by M. Jane Williams, Fund-Raising Institute, 2nd Edition, San Francisco, 1979 Conducting a Successful Capital Campaign, by Kent E. Dow, Jersey Bass Publisher, San Francisco, 1991 Capital Giving: Transition from 80’s to 90’s, by J.P. Butler III, CASE, Bethesda, MD, 1986 Prerequisites for Probable Campaign Success, by John Grezenbach, "Corporate Report," Chicago, IL, 1986 Key Elements to a Successful Capital Campaign, by Anita Morin, Capital District Business Review, 1996 Capital Quest, Inc., Traditional Phases of Capital Campaign Michael Marek, Organizing a Capital Campaign Rocky Mountain Institute Newsletter Georgia Tech Capital Campaign Update University of Miami School of Medicine Capital Campaign Update University of Findlay Capital Campaign Office Group 121 Consulting Firm

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