Sunday, September 8, 2019

Staffing & Talent Management F12 Assignment #3 Essay

Staffing & Talent Management F12 Assignment #3 - Essay Example Most organisations in today’s world are high profit seeking business partners. They have their plans, objectives and actions aligned with financial goals in mind. Therefore for such organisation, strategic monitoring of performance by the leadership is very important. This is the contribution area registering the contribution made by employees in the area of their core competency. This accounts for the main work that give the organisation its â€Å"bread butter†. For an IT organisation, it is developing applications, building software, providing software solution consultancy etc. For manufacturing companies it could be throughput of manufacturing operation, reduction of waste, optimisation of processes. For a public service company it could be generating ideas related to a particular field, implementation of internal projects, ability to cut down on departmental expenses etc. This is the leadership contribution area responsible for training and development of staff. This parameter is necessary for understanding the impact of leaders on their team and peers. It measures training and motivation efficiency, it calibrates and provides a benchmark for trainings to be taken and leadership roles to be undertaken in order to ensure growth of the organisation. It is a crucial area that registers responsibilities taken over and above current responsibilities. It encompasses the qualities of ownership, accountability, customer satisfaction and dedication towards achieving 100 % customer satisfaction score keeping in mind larger topics like: future business, long term goals, long lasting customer relationships, joint efforts, partnerships, forecasted future financial benefit etc. Value Creator contribution area also records the value addition that an employee brings to his work through added effort out of the set of assigned results. Apart from

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