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History of Architecture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 1

History of Architecture - Essay Example It will also reveal innovative new building technologies and strategies that can help and restore the viability of a natural cycle (History of architecture, 12). This essay will also touch on the main functions of a shelter and how humans have continuously adapted to differing environments through an amazing diversity of structure. Humans are required to live harmoniously with each other for future growth of the environment. This essay will discuss the nature of dwelling (from the urban scale to the â€Å"home†) in the built environment from the 18th-21st centuries, putting into consideration the scale of the city and the individual or multi-family dwelling. In addition, this essay will describe the design global and the local-built environment from the 18th-21st century and what were happening during the age of reason or enlightenment period, the modern period, and the postmodern period. The traces that are found in caves makes us believe that early humans were living in cave s. The bones they gnawed, even their own bones, and the flints they used were creped around for ever in a cave but get scattered or demolished somewhere else. Caves were winter shelters, and none wished to remain inside on a summer day. This is similar to the response that our ancestors portrayed. The right to travel extensively for the goals of hunting as well as gathering called for the need for at least a short-term shelter. The demand for shelter brought about the beginning of architecture (Pryce, 19). The early human needed a shelter against rain and sun hence they would lean some protective shields, for example, they used leafy branches against the trunk of a tree. Traces of early dwellings that can be counted as reliable were found for as early as 30,000 years ago. The circular or oval ring of stones together with the local materials that was used to act as a tent-like roof was enough evidence that the early humans practiced architecture. An encampment from 25,000 years ago h as been at Dolni Vestonice in Eastern Europe. The evolution of architecture shifted form tents to round houses by around 8000 BC. By 6500 BC, human beings lived in houses with straight walls, which had windows. From the 5th to the 2nd millennium, the construction of Stone Age graves and temples was acquired, and it became common. Multi-family dwelling also known as a multi-dwelling unit or multi-family residential is a categorization of the housing element for the non-commercial populace is contained within one or several building within one complex (McIntyre et al, 15). One common form of a multi-family dwelling is an apartment building. In some cases, multi-family dwelling building is owned individually instead of leasing from a single apartment building owner. There are different types of multi-family dwelling. These include two flat, which is commonly built on a house lot. The second one is a three flat which is similar to two flat, but it contains three flats; they are most com mon. Another type of multi-family dwelling is a four flat apartment (Graff, 17). Duplex or semi-detached - one building, which consist of two houses, townhouse – this is a type of house that is attached to townhouses. There is also the apartment, mixed used building, and apartment community. A one-family dwelling might be referred to as a semi-detached housing. In this case, each unit is separate from another. This makes it easier to sell the

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