Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Critique of a Research Article Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Critique of a Article - Research Paper Example The major objective of this research was to evaluate the general effects of cultural competency performance and training feedback for the primary care clinicians or rather practitioners for the black patients. Moreover, the study design was clustered and randomized controlled trials in close to eight ambulatory health facilities. One hundred and twenty four primary care clinicians who take care of about four thousand eight hundred and fifty eight (4858) white patients who mark 64% of the diabetic patients and two thousand six hundred and ninety nine (2699) black people who make about 36% of the diabetic patients in the region, participated in this study. Thus, the report or rather the entire study identified the relevant articles. The crucial aspects in the study were the cultural training and performance on how competent the medical clinicians can be when it comes to taking care of patients from diverse races in the globe. For this case, the white and the black patients were conside red. Furthermore, the report brings out the racial differences that exist in the control of hemoglobin, the levels of cholesterol and blood pressure among the patients (Sequist, Fitzmaurice, Marshall, Shaykevich, Marston, Safran, & Ayanian, 2010). The literature review of this report covers all the relevant areas as per the research. The appropriate theories such as the Leininger’s cultural theory which discusses the differences and the sameness of cultures that fully determines the kind of care any patient deserves was used. In addition, the report exhausts all the standards of the cultural competence such as social justice, critical reflection, the transcultural knowledge, education and training of the clinicians, multicultural workforce, the cross cultural leadership and the evidence based practice (McBean, Huang, Virnig, Lurie & Musgrave, 2003). These are some of the theories that fully support the objective of this kind of study. Alongside these theories, the review of l iterature is well organized so as to demonstrate the progress and development of the relevant aspects across the previous studies. Thus, the whole summary of the theoretical and empirical parts provide a reliable basis of the mentioned study. Furthermore, the report’s framework is explicitly presented. The subtopics are precise and to the point. All the relevant sections of a report are present in the body. For instance, there is a result sections which is extremely detailed with the correct figures and measurements of the data which was collected in the field. The research article fully defines and describes the most crucial concepts in the study. The concepts such as culture, training, performance, race, clinicians and diabetes are clearly defined and described in the article. Clarity of such concepts makes the entire report cover the studied aspects in the research. Moreover, these concepts are all linked to the study’s variables since they all revolve around the cl inician awareness of the differences in races and the cultures of various patients (Zaslavsky, Trivedi, Ayanian & Schneider, 2005). This research report tends to describe and analyze the current knowledge about the research problem or rather the aspects that lead to this study. It describes the disparities that are present in health facilities when it comes to the treatment of both the black and the white diabetic patients. The report further describes the difference or the

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