Tuesday, October 1, 2019

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Reservoir Dogs... The first time I saw Reservoir Dogs I knew it was something different (I didn?t see any Tarantino?s films before). It was the first time I payed more attention to the characters dialogue than to the visual appearance of the film itself The dialogues in Tarantino?s films are its more powerful resource. They both tells the story and sets the mood for it. I remember I was reading Stephen King?s ?The Dead Zone? when I got hold of Tarantino?s screenplay for Reservoir Dogs. I left Stephen King for a while and read the screenplay in one sitting (I didn?t get much sleep that night). I got so carried away I couldn?t stop until Mr White died ?blown out of frame, leaving it empty?. It was brilliant. For me there is always an overlap between comics and film. Before a film is shot, most of the time a storyboard is done to show the cameras? angles and perspectives of the shot. I just see a storyboard like a comicbook with equal sized panels and more (or less) depending on what you want to show in-between key panels for the story (that?s the reason why so many comic artists sometimes are hired for storyboarding). Telling a story is the main aim for films and comicbooks . In films, the director (in comics is the penciller) is in charge of how the story is told. I will analyse some of Tarantino?s influences in Reservoir Dogs and his trademarks (he?s got such a distinctive style in directing, that you can just tell a film is made by him by just watching a couple of scenes of any movie he has made). I thought it may be interesting to include a chapter in this essay paying special attention to comicbooks that influenced Tarantino?s films such as ?Fantastic Four?(in reservoir Dogs Mr Orange is influenced by the Thing) and ~?Si1ver Surfer? (Tarantino included this character in some of the dialogue in ?Crimson Tide). But then I thought ?Tarantino references the Bible in Jules dialogue in Pulp Fiction?. I did a comicbook about the Bible when I was doing my Foundation Course in MAD (Kent Institute of Art & Design). Violence, sex and betrayal are themes that appear in Tarantino?s films as well as in some of the comics I?ve done. I thought I?ll give a chapter to talk about it.

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