Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Argument Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Argument - Research Paper Example These needs related to videogames make students finish the activity as technology-dependent students (Apostol, Zaharescu, & Alexe, 2013). Videogames have the possibility to teach both formal and informal academic and non-academic skills, and, as fun tool, they motivate students to be more collaborative, promote social learning, share information, and increase their attainments (Kebritch, Hirumi, & Bai, 2010). Video games have the ability to evoke feelings of strong emotional bonds as a part of the students’ experience (Bengoechea, 2009). Learning starts bringing emotions like any other pleasant occupation. Students begin to like the leaning process itself and acquire the motivation. Ground1:   In Japan a mixed method was used to investigate the impact of integrating videogames into an existing curriculum, and two researches were conducted. In Study 1 (n = 9), new words were included in task sheets. Study 2 (n = 11) included the tasks on vocabulary. the results showed that the learners were affected positively (Hitosugi, Schmidt, & Hayashi, 2014). According to Mifsud (2013), an group of the research participants, who applied videogames in Malta demonstrated considerable improvement in the study of English as a Second Language in comparison to those learners, who were offered usual approach. 79.1 % of 1163 students with an age range between 11-16 years feel that video games can provide them with an opportunity for and help them acquire new skills , and 77.5% of 149 teachers believe that students can learn from videogames in class. Furthermore, 83% of 783 parents also believed that educational videogames have become an important tool in classroom learning. Gjedd e (2014) conducted a research on Danish public secondary school that use mixed method of the qualitative case study, and surveys evaluations every week to implement curriculum, and models of educational live action role play (edu†LARP). Approximately 98 students participated in the research.

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