Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Global youth culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Global youth culture - Essay Example These transnational corporations provide for a uniform ground and uniform commodities which the youth across the global divide can consume and share uniformly through media. Known for its historic architecture, Cincinnati is impacted by and impacts on global youth culture. The city of Cincinnati has sports teams that are identified by and supported by other youth from other nations. Cincinnati, for instance, is home to the oldest franchise in Major League Baseball in the Cincinnati Reds. The City is also home to the Cincinnati Bengals, a National Football League Franchise. Youths from other regions identify with sportsmen and women on these teams to which they may derive an identity or idea from. Youths may sport the sporting jerseys from these Cincinnati teams. The same can also be said of youths from Cincinnati who may identify with other sports teams and sporting heroes that may come from other regions. Through platforms provided by ICT technology, youths from Cincinnati can learn and follow their ideas and tastes. Cincinnati also hosts ‘taste of Cincinnati’, which represents the longest culinary arts festival in the US. This event is held annually in Downtown Cincinnati and attracts crowds of approximately 500,000 annually. The event showcases culinary delicacies from fine restaurants within the city while also highlighting local music talent. Through the event, the city gets to share its food culture with visitors from other regions of the country and the globe and may impact on their food preferences.

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