Saturday, October 19, 2019

Logistics - FedEx Distribution Systems Coursework

Logistics - FedEx Distribution Systems - Coursework Example The company is observed to use a distribution system of its own known as the ‘FedEx International DirectDistribution’ which is said to be an easy and cost-effective process, resulting in the distribution of various shipments in proper time along with decreasing its operational cost. This mechanism thereby facilitates to ensure that low cost is charged from the customers. This, in turn, plays a vital role in ascertaining the preference of FedEx amid consumers. With reference to the above graphical representation i.e. ‘FedEx International DirectDistribution’, it can be viewed that the distribution system of FedEx comprises three steps that include packaging of the shipment received from different sources, making transportation of goods with the help of different means, as well as the concluding step is to deliver the shipment to the final customers or retailers. The different steps have been elaborated below: The packaging of the shipment received: In the first step of the distribution process of the company, the shipments received are packed according to their requirements. The packaging process is considered to be a vital part of the distribution process of the company as the shipment of the goods in proper order or quality is reliant on the way in which the packaging is done. FedEx does have different packaging policies for diverse forms of products. The different packaging policies comprise stacking the shipment received in order to have a proper estimation of the width, length, and breadth of the boxes that would be needed to pack the product. The next step is the process of cushioning and bracing, resulting in the proper handling of the products while transporting the shipments from one location to another. And, the last step is banding and wider packaging so that no damages occur owing to an inadequate stacking of the products (FedEx, 2013).

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