Wednesday, November 20, 2019

School shooting and the media , video game violence Essay

School shooting and the media , video game violence - Essay Example This week we draw a distinction between victimisation and victimhood therea re various avenues for resisting violence: that is, violence is not a necessary outcome of being a particular type of person. For example, we will consider how teh rape scritmight be rethought so that women are not the inevitable victims and men are not the inevitable perpetrators of violence.   -Michel Foucault, "weother victorians and the repressive hypothesis,from the history of sexuality vol 1, reprinted in the Foucault reader,ed. (London:Penguin books, 1991),292-300,301-29.ISBN:9780140124866   Violence is a physical inducement of force that continues to be a controversial topic in the 21st century. Violence has many categories and has detrimental effects within society that continues to be the focal point of discussion. The use of pressure and abusing power itself is violence and is associated with psychology, retaliation, hatred and other human emotion. One cannot ignore the fact that violence is a decompression of an event that dynamically impacted an individual. This paper will discuss many aspects of violence with key insights and new details based on comprehensive research. In order to acknowledge and understand the true essence of violence, one must understand the root cause of violence. Violence is an issue that is directly associated with emotion and mental health of an individual. Behavioral violence is defined by a force of physical aggressive behavior against another person. In fact, scientist agrees that violence is embedded in humans. A prime example of this is retaliation from a particular incident that had a dramatic effect on psyche of a person. In a midst of a heated moment, violence can be exerted due to rage, anger and fury. Interestingly enough, most people at times acknowledge that they were at fault for conducting this type of behavior. As the author states, â€Å"Mr Wlasuk said: The kids who play these games know all about

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