Friday, November 1, 2019

Organ Donor Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Organ Donor - Essay Example It might be true that the living donors experience financial problems because of their altruistic behavior (Alvaro & Siegel, 2009). For instance, an organ donor can incur costs such as traveling and accommodation. However, being an organ donor is very elemental in life (Stevens, 2008). Donation of an organ saves life. It is evident that organ donation has contributed immensely to the health sector. Organ donation has significantly lowered the number of deaths that were associated with failure of main organs such as the heart and liver. In connection with this, some people claim that organ donors lose their income in addition to failing to provide care to their children because of the complications that result from donating an organ (Garg, 2006). Such assertions might be right, but it is also evident that organ donation improves the lives of over 50 people depending on the type of organs donated (Alvaro & Siegel, 2009). For instance, it is evident that the lives of most people with or gan failures are improved through transplantation of organs such as kidneys, eyes, and bones. Thus, it is through donor’s donation of such organs that recipients manage to resume their lifestyles. Some people also associate organ donation with occurrence of traumatic disorders. According to them, loss of the donated organ together with the life of the recipient makes a donor develop traumatic disorders. Such assertions might be true because of lack of understanding on what would have been done in order to save that lost life. It is also true that a donor risks his or her life when making a choice of donating an organ. However, it is evident that families of the deceased who became a donor feel relieved from the pain of losing a loved one through associating the deceased with the saving of other lives. Thus, it is evident that the donation of the organs by an individual helps

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