Sunday, August 4, 2019

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Characters: Jessica Berman-(Main Character) Recently started smoking pot and kind of paranoid. Smart girl, 17 year old senior in high school, as far as her parents can tell she is a good girl, she has never gotten into trouble in her entire life. Marissa Kramer- an aged veteran in the pot scene. She is outgoing, wild and carefree. 20 years old, a sophomore in college and her parents are well aware, but not approving of all of her bad habits. Mary Flood- Police officer, Obviously the one in charge, training her new partner what to do. Brian Luckman- The actual arresting officer. New to the job, not quite confident in himself; on the quieter side. Andrew Berman-Jessica’s father. Pretty strict but does not often yell Jonathan Kramer- Marissa’s father, a bit mean spirited, likes to joke a lot, but has a bad temper. Scene 1: Characters-Jessica, Marissa and Mary Setting- Glencoe Police Station, The two girls have been arrested for possession of marijuana Mary: Ok girls.... (All three girls giggle) Mary: I’m going to take care of a few things, I’ll be right back. Mary gathers the papers in her hands and leaves the room Marissa: She is so nice! Jessica: I know, I wonder if maybe she’ll just let me stay here for a night Marissa: I’m sure it could be arranged, do you mind if I ask why though? Jessica: I just am thinking it would have to be the safest place for me once my parents find out.. It can’t be so bad, free food, a place to sleep. The clothing isn’t that great, but I’m sure eventually I would adjust. Marissa: Yeah, that’s a good plan, I’m sure a little north shore girl like you could last 10 minutes in prison. Jessica: Hey, I could too. How hard could it really be? Marissa: Haven’t you ever seen Oz? Jessica rolls her eyes at Marissa Marissa: What! I was kidding! Jessica: This is really neither the time nor the place. Marissa: Sorry... (mumbles) just trying to ease the tension Mary walks back into the room with a phone in her hand Mary: Here Jessica, you want to try your parents again? Mary hands Jessica the phone Jessica: Thanks. Everyone pauses a second as we wait for Jessica’s parents to answer the phone, however, she cannot get a hold of them Jessica: No one’s home Mary: Do they have a cell phone you could try them on? Jessica: Yeah, one sec. Everyone pauses again as Jessica once again tried to contact her parents.

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