Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Barriers in Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Barriers in Communication - Essay Example These set of barriers refers to the environmental elements that hinder individuals’ ability to convey and/or receive information as originally intended. The fact of the matter is that communication messages, however skillfully imparted, are at the mercy of a barrage of physical blocks that includes faulty communication gadgets, noise, distances between the sender and the receiver, the speaker’s mannerisms, time, climate, the listeners’ sitting posture, drop-in visitors, walls, among many more physical factors (Keyton, 2011). Noteworthy, some of the physical distractions can be anticipated, and thus can be eliminated through appropriate timing and/or choosing suitable surrounding devoid of such distractions. Early preparations which include but not limited to finding a setting that permits concentration on message delivery, removing/turning off gargets such as cell phones in the presentation vicinity, ensuring speakers/microphones are properly working for audible sounds, making prior sitting arrangements, and respecting boundaries of others by not interrupting while they speak, are but a few tips of overcoming physical barriers to communication (Wood 2010). The semantic barrier in communication simply refers to the usage of words or word-combinations that have more than single meanings, which are subsequently taken out of context by the receiver (Lunenburg, 2010). Accuracy of messages conveyed is related to the connotative and denotative meanings of words; for words, depending on circumstances, may mean different things to different people. Executing communication free from language barriers demands proper communication skills; that is, first assessing the language and communication needs of the target audience and subsequently being sensitive to their points of view. Use of direct, simple, common and popular vocabulary away from

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