Tuesday, December 10, 2019

My Version of Our Future America Essay Example For Students

My Version of Our Future America Essay America has been the home for immigrants from other countries ever since the country was born. Different groups preferred different types to blend in with the society and be successful throughout the years. Some choose the melting pot in which they assimilate to the new culture and become Americanized in order to be ahead of the game. Some other choose the mosaic model in which they keep their culture and try to fit into the society without losing their original identity. I personally think that the mosaic model is a better way to live in America. As a young first generation who moved here a few years ago, I like to keep my culture and speak the languages that my family have spoken for centuries. That doesn’t mean I can’t learn or speak English at all, in my opinion it gives people of my type an outstanding privilege to be involved in different kind of cultures and be multilingual. The greatness of Americans is that we are mosaic we are diverse – (Sheila Jackson Lee). I think it is better to choose the mosaic model to live in America because it makes the generation stronger, it keeps other cultures alive, and, it makes the country a better place. The first reason why I think choosing the mosaic model to live in America can be a better option is because it makes the generation stronger. Mosaic model allows us to be involved in other cultures and languages. It keeps us from being limited in one language and one culture. There are so many interesting and valuable things in every culture, and knowing that can be very helpful for everyone. It can help people to be more open minded about other cultures and give them a different point of view towards other people around them. Knowing and learning more than one language can be very important nowadays, it allows people to connect and communicate with other people around the word. Mosaic model can help our generation to be more involved and smarter in their lives. The third and final reason why I think choosing the mosaic model to live in America can be a better option is because it makes the country a better place. Mosaic model is what this country is all about. Different people with different backgrounds gather and use all of their capabilities and experiences to make this country a better place. We become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams – (Jimmy Carter). Mosaic model does not limit us into certain believes, certain goals, and certain cultures. It allows to be open for different and better ways for almost everything. In conclusion Mosaic model can be the better option in many different ways. Simply because it allows to intercept with other cultures, believes, and languages. Which causes us to be more knowledgeable and aware about our surrounding world. Those can be our key to success both in our personal lives, and future of this country.

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